How do I check the market rate for salaries?

At Wellfound, salary transparency is a helpful tool for candidates and recruiters while navigating the salary process. For that reason, we've added a tab on the company profile page called Salaries, where we display average company salary information and charts comparing them to the related industry and department averages.

You can find a company's 'Salaries' page by going to the company's profile and then pressing on the 'Salaries' tab:

On this page, you will find:

  • The average company compensation and equity with a detailed copy of the statistics.
  • The average salaries compared to the company's industry average range
  • Salary by specific departments
    • Instead of company salary information, you will see salary averages related to general departments.
  • Related jobs at the company

You can also use our handy salary search to determine market rates based on role and location. You can click here to explore.

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