How do free Reveals work?

Each company with access to Reveals will get five complimentary Top Talent Reveals added to their account weekly.

To access Top Talent Reveals with advanced search filters and increase the amount, you must purchase a Recruit Pro, Recruit Pro Plus. Additionally, you can subscribe to a Curated subscription to access all candidates. For more information on Curated, please click here. 

Do free Reveals expire?

Yes, they will expire at the end of the calendar week. If you do not use the 5 Reveals provided for the week, you will lose them. They will not run over into the next week. 

When are free Reveals replenished?

Free ‘Reveals’ will be replenished every Monday. 

How do I know how many reveals I have left? 

You can check the number of reveals you have left in two places. You can look at the top of the page in Source. 

Do we receive Reveals per recruiter or per company? 

Reveals are enabled at the Company level and are shared among recruiters. If Recruiter A and Recruiter B work at the same company, a reveal will be used when either recruiter releases a candidate in the related company’s Source page. 

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