What is RecruiterCloud?

RecruiterCloud is an all-in-one sourcing & outreach tool built for startups. That is designed for speed, efficiency & ease.

It includes:

  • AI-Powered Candidate search
  • Outreach Sequencing - an automated message system to send personalized messages to prospective candidates

Candidate Search

With RecruiterCloud, you can surface candidate information you care about most with our AI-powered search. This means a powerful search with a larger candidate pool

  • Source from a pool of 11M+ US-based engineers and data scientists from Wellfound and beyond.
  • Startup-focused filters and customizable highlights help you quickly find the right fit.

The search includes up-leveled candidate profiles

  • Up-to-date profiles enriched with data to show you everything you care about, all at a glance.
  • Inferred skills to make sure you don't miss candidates that have the experience, but don't list it on their resume.

View comprehensive company info immediately from a candidate's profile

View make-or-break company info from your candidates’ work experience, all included in their profile - no extra search tabs required.

We know what top talent wants

Candidates tell us what they want in their next role so you don’t have to guess. See everything from desired salary to personal motivations.

Outreach Sequences

Outreach Sequences are one-click outreach automation. This provides, auto-generated email sequences at your fingertips, fully customizable to your tone & cadence.

Interested in getting hands-on help from our team? You might be interested in AutoPilot.

Check out more information here.

Or book a demo call here.

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