How do salary data and estimates work on Wellfound?

We strive for salary transparency across the marketplace. 

Company-provided salary ranges

We get this data from companies directly. This information should be a valid representation of the range a company can provide for a position. 

Salary estimates

Tags on job posts that say  Wellfound Est. mean that the listed salary is an estimate. We have computed a likely range based on similar roles in these cases. We do this because we cannot obtain data from the company, but we think the role is high-quality enough that job-seekers wouldn't want to miss it.

We calculate estimates using comparable job listings at similar startups. When choosing compensation ranges, we factor in the company stage, role type, seniority level, and location. 

Here's an example:

No salary data

Salary data is not included when a company has not actively provided its salary range, and we do not have enough meaningful data to provide compensation estimates. We try to keep these rare because salary transparency allows candidates and companies to connect more quickly. 

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