How do I write an effective Note to send with my application?

Quick Tips for Writing a Note 

Notes in our system are sent in with your application. To learn more about applying to roles, click here.

Like a cover letter, an introduction in a note personalizes your application. A well-written note can be the reason why a recruiter looks at your full application. A poorly written one can be the reason you're skipped over. 

✍Convey why you'd be an excellent hire for this job.

Quickly establish yourself as a qualified applicant in the first two lines of the note. This should reflect the specific role you are applying to and not be generic. Tell them what you do and how it's relevant to the specific job listing. This will help draw busy recruiters in and get them to read the rest of your profile.

🧠Use Clear and Direct Language 

Do not fill a note with jargon. Instead, be direct about your qualifications and what you're looking for with active language and simple short sentences. Using tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor can help spot sentences that could be more concise. 

📈 Quantify Impact 

Instead of repeating your job history, quantify the ways you had an impact in previous roles. Providing numbers for your accomplishments builds trust in your resume and shows that you are driven by results. 

🔎Proof Read 

Spelling errors, poor sentence structure, or grammar can show carelessness to a recruiter even if your resume is incredible. Most of these errors can be caught easily by spellcheck so take the time to read your note a few times and edit mistakes before hitting send. 

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