How can I hide my job profile from current employers?

To better understand a jobs profile versus a public profile, please see this fuller article on: How do profiles work? And who can see them?

Please note: Preventing your current employer from seeing that you are looking for a job will not prevent them from seeing a public profile. However, a public profile does not indicate in any way that you are looking for a role. 

Who cannot see that I am searching for a job when set to Ready to Interview or Open to Offers? 

We prevent current employers from seeing your Jobs Profile when you set your work experience item to "Currently Employed" for the job connected to the company profile where you are currently employed. If set up correctly, your current employer cannot see that you are looking for a job even if you have set your profile to Open to Offers or Ready to Interview. 

To prevent a current employer from seeing your profile 

1. Sign in to your account 

2. Click on your avatar in the top right corner. 

3. Click on  Edit Profile or click here.

4. Go to  Your work experience 

5. Press  Edit in the top right corner of the work experience item you want to adjust or press + add work experience to start a new position. 

6. Make sure to select the  I currently work here box to indicate that this is a current position, and your jobs profile should not be seen by the linked company. 

How do I set my profile to Ready to Interview or Open to Offers or Closed to Offers

1. Sign in to your account

2. Go to Jobs from the top toolbar or click here.

3. From the left of your avatar, select the most appropriate setting from the drop-down in the top right corner. 

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