How do I search for remote jobs?

It is essential to adjust your remote job search filters whether you intend on looking for remote positions or are looking locally.

Our search field allows you to be specific when looking for remote positions so you can find remote-friendly opportunities at companies around the world.

To adjust your remote preferences for a job search: 

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Go to or navigate to the Jobs tab on the top toolbar. 

3. Start a search and add your primary location to the right-hand field. 

4. To control remote preferences, click on the oval button within the right-hand location field to control remote preferences. 

Doing this will release a drop-down window to adjust your preferences for remote jobs and where those remote jobs are located.  See the image below for an overview. 

Improve Remote Filters

Show remote jobs in specific locations.

When you search for remote jobs, you can filter where companies are headquartered, helping ensure that salaries and time zones are compatible with your needs.

Distributed teams only

We identify companies that are primarily or entirely remote. This button lets you narrow your preferences to remote-first companies first or 'Most or all employees work remotely.' Turning this toggle on will ensure you only see jobs at distributed companies like Buffer and Gitlab. 

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