How many jobs can I apply to?

How many jobs can I apply to at one time? 

Each candidate has a maximum amount of active job applications they can have at one time within Wellfound: 

We restrict this amount to help candidates apply to roles that fit them, and companies receive the most suitable candidates. We encourage candidates to take the time to understand the company and be selective with their applications. Limiting the number of applications improves the experience on both sides--companies will get higher-quality applications, and candidates will be more likely to get a more timely and positive response.

Why did I receive a warning?

If you have received a warning, this is because you have reached the maximum number of applications you can have at one time. As your job applications begin to expire, you will be able to apply to more positions.  

Moving forward, please evaluate how you are applying to roles and make sure that you are taking your time and applying to job postings that are a good fit for your experience and goals. If you are selective and thoughtful, you are unlikely to reach the maximum application number moving forward. 

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