Why was my company's job post removed?

To keep Wellfound a safe place for both recruiters and candidates, our Trust & Safety team might un-publish roles that don't meet our standards in the format they were first posted in.

If you're not sure why you've received a warning, here are the most common reasons we take this action:

  • The company profile is low quality: missing logo, important descriptions, details, etc. For an example of a high-quality company profile - take a look at Calm's profile: https://wellfound.com/company/calm
  • The recruiter's user profile is low quality: the users who are posting jobs should make sure to fill out their user profiles as completely as possible to avoid giving their interactions with candidates a "suspect" impression. We're trying to connect human candidates to human recruiters with our tools.
  • The job posting is low quality: please make sure to include a job description and tag relevant skills, roles, etc. in the job posting.
  • The job posting is not transparent: please make sure to only post a salary representing the actual starting salary. If a role is commission-only or a company doesn't have any funding to provide a salary initially, there should not be a salary listed. You may stipulate future possibilities in the job description. 
  • Your company profile may get reported by our user base if things don't "match up." Make sure that your company URL is correct, your Wellfound company profile URL slug is correct, and that there aren't any other glaring mistakes that might make a user take a pause.

If all of these things seem to be solid--go ahead and re-publish your jobs. We'll contact you again if we continue to see issues.

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