How can I remove my duplicate user or company profile from Wellfound?

Users and companies sometimes accidentally create duplicate accounts on Wellfound. Our support team can help merge the duplicate profile with your main profile. We can also help to clean up old accounts in our system.

To get help, please reach out to our team at

We can help:

  • merge user or company accounts
  • delete old user profiles
  • restore access to your old profile pages (for example, if you had it registered with a college email address)

Please do NOT use the 'Report profile' option for duplicate or removal requests. This goes to our trust and safety team who are not equipped with help with this issue.

For merge requests:

Please provide the URL for the "main" profile and the URLs for the duplicate profile(s) on We need this to merge the profiles correctly to retain the most information.

For restoring access and/or deleting old profiles:

Please reach out from the email associated with the old account, if possible.

When dealing with these types of requests, you may need to go through the User Identity Verification process.

For more information, What is User Identity Verification?

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