10 tips to Help your Profile Stand Out

Recruiters spend just 6 seconds reviewing most resumes, so strategically building your profile is vital. The following tips help refine, describe, and quantify your profile to stand out in a competitive market. 

1. Tailor your note to each recruiter

Wellfound provides an optional field for candidates to add a note to a recruiter when applying for a job. This is a shortened version of a cover letter. Please don't skip this step, as it offers an opportunity to personalize your fit for the role. 

Here's a guide on how to write a note effectively. 

2. Do regular maintenance on your profile

Refrain from relying on your LinkedIn or other social media presence to fill in gaps in your profile. Updating your profile directly is vital as it helps surface your qualifications when recruiters use our search to narrow down candidates. 

Here's a guide on updating your job profile. 

3. Fill all areas of your profile

The job profile has four critical pages. For example, the first information in the candidate card a recruiter sees is your 'looking for' section, which is found on the Culture page of your profile. Filling out your profile thoroughly and answering all questions ensures you maximize your discoverability in our system. 

4. Use a professional profile photo

You can upload a headshot to your profile to put your best foot forward. Additionally, this helps recruiters feel like they are talking securely with a real person. While you don't need to worry about hiring a photographer or dressing in formal clothing, do your best to select a photo that's high quality and clearly shows your face.

Here is a guide on uploading your profile photo.

5. Check for typos

A misplaced comma or spelling mistake could give a recruiter the impression that your work might be sloppy. Before you apply for any job or send a note to a recruiter, double-check each part of your application for typos. 

Tip: Run the copy from your profile through Grammarly or Hemingway Editor as a way to check for errors

6. Use Active Language

Using active language builds confidence when describing what you will do for a company. 

7. Be honest

Be transparent about your experience and qualifications to avoid misrepresentations that could impact your candidacy. This includes representing your location and skills. 

For example, you could include all skills you've ever tried, but it's better to include those you are proficient in to describe what you bring to the table accurately. 

8. Use numbers

You can use concrete numbers and metrics to show the scope and impact of your work. For example, instead of saying, "Managed a team," say, "Managed a team of 10 employees and increased productivity by 20%."

Here is a guide on updating your work experience. 

9. Focus on outcomes

Highlight the results of your work, not just the activities you performed. For example, instead of saying "Developed marketing campaigns," say "Developed and executed marketing campaigns that generated $1 million in revenue."

10. Show progress 

If you improved a process or achieved a goal, quantify your progress. For example, instead of saying "Reduced costs," say "Reduced costs by 25% through streamlining processes and negotiating with vendors."

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