How do I edit my job profile?

Job Profile 

 A Job Profile presents your work history, education, achievements, and preferences to recruiters. The following guide goes over how to access your profile and edit each section. 

You must fill out your profile in our system rather than relying on linked social media links or else companies will not be able to find you in our system. 

To access your job profile: 

1. Sign in to your account

2. Click on your avatar in the top right corner. 

3. Click on Edit Profile or click here. 

4. From the top toolbar, click on Overview to preview what recruiters will see. 

5. From the editing area, it is important to fill out each page. This includes  Profile, Resume, Preferences, and Culture. The steps for each section are outlined below with individual guides. 

Profile Section 

Click here to go to the profile page.

Sections and Guides: 

Resume Section

Click here to go to the resume page.

Resumes are great! But adding your most relevant experience directly to the profile is far more helpful as it is searchable in our system. 

We advise only including contact information that you want to be public on the resume. Remember that recruiters can reach out to you directly from Wellfound, and you can always share additional details in conversation.


How do I upload my resume?

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Preferences Section

Click here to go to the preferences page. 


Culture Section

Click here to go to the culture page. 


Want to refine your profile to maximize your chances of matching with an employer? 

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Take the next step

Once you finish your profile, we encourage you to take the next step and apply for roles. 

Check out this guide! How do I apply for a job?

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