Why wasn’t my profile featured?

Featured status is only focused on a handful of roles. Current company demand plays a significant role factor in whether or not we can accept a candidate at any given moment. 

Because of how it works (startups pitch opportunities to you, and you don't apply to specific roles), accepting candidates whose experience is misaligned with our current demand would lead to a poor experience on the platform. We want to be confident that featured status will add value to your job search and to be respectful of your time.

Whether or not your profile is featured - it's by no means a reflection of your skills or the quality of your experience, but simply the nature of a platform targeted to specific recruiting needs.

If you weren’t featured, we encourage you to leverage our core job search tool at wellfound.com/jobs to discover and apply to a broader range of opportunities. Follow this guide on applying to roles: How do I apply to jobs? 

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