How can I be featured?

Increase your chances of being featured by: 

1. Setting your job search status to 'ready to interview' or 'open to offers'

2. Providing an up-to-date and completely filled-out profile. Make sure your profile includes: 

  • The correct Primary Role
    • Your Primary Role should be your current position 
  • Fully answered profile questions including answers on the Culture and Preferences pages. 

For help, please follow this guide: How do I edit my job profile?

Submit to be featured

If you meet the location criteria, you will see a 'feature me' window when signing into your account. 

1. Sign in to your account

2. Navigate to:

3. If you see the window to opt-in, press ‘Yes, Feature me.’ 

Once you agree to be considered for featured, our candidate operations team will review your profile. If selected, our team will notify you of the next steps. 

After you are approved for featured, an icon will show beside your avatar in the top right corner.

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