What happens when I start being featured?

What happens when I start being featured? 

While being featured, you can continue browsing and applying to jobs on Wellfound: but you may also see many more messages from startups who are interested in you. 

Do I need to do anything?

  1. No need to apply; companies reach out to you. 
  2. Reply to the message thread to start a conversation, or decline the request to interview.
  3. You can receive a $50 gift card if hired by a company that initially reached out to you using Curated.
  4. You are featured for 4 weeks - Wellfound: only works when candidates are actively looking for a new position and take the time to respond, so please ensure you can respond to messages within a week and make time to interview. 

If you need help with your featured status, write to talent-help@wellfound.com

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