How can I report a user profile?

We're constantly iterating on our security measures to prevent malicious users from abusing our platform. We have a robust moderation protocol to screen recruiters and candidates; however, we also rely on your help to help identify potential bad actors. Reporting a suspicious candidate will immediately be brought to Wellfound's trust and safety team to take further vetting and moderation checks.

How to report a candidate in the Recruiting area

There are several locations to report a candidate.

From Conversations

1. Open the conversations

2. Select the conversation with the specific Candidate.

3. To report, click on the Red Flag in the overview section on the right.

From the candidate card in ATS

  1. Go to ATS
  2. Click on the candidate
  3. From the candidate card, press on 'Report' from the top tabs.
  4. Select the reason for the report, add any applicable comments.
  5. Press 'Submit'

From Applicants

  1. Go to 'Applicants' from the top toolbar
  2. Click on the candidate
  3. Press on 'Report' from the top right.
  4. Select the reason for the report, and fill applicable comments.
  5. Press 'Submit'

From the candidate's public profile

1. Open the Public user profile (the URL should look like*USERNAME*)

2. Press the "Report this profile' button to the right from the Name

How to report a company profile. Please follow the link

As you interact with other users on the site, here are some red flags to look out for. Keep in mind that this isn't a comprehensive list - bad actors are continuing to try new ways to get others’ personal data for illegitimate reasons.

  • Someone representing a company but not doing so from an official company-related email domain, especially if they're using an email like "hr-recruiting.desk" at a free email provider.
  • Someone saying your application has been accepted/you're hired before applying or interviewing for a job.
  • Conducting interviews via text message or chat clients.
  • "Self-funded" internships or jobs that require you to pay an application fee.
  • Any company that sends you a check and asks you to wire money somewhere else.
  • People privately offering a loan to you or your company through Wellfound
  • Anything that sounds too good to be true.
  • Any email purporting to be from (or via) Wellfound that doesn't come from an * address.

If you do notice any of this behavior, feel free to reach out to

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