How do I delete a company profile?

Can you delete my company profile? 

We cannot wholly delete a company profile if it is connected to other users or profiles. Company profiles can connect to founders, employees, advisors, and investors. Removing one profile can remove important data from other profiles. 

How do I mark the company as Closed? 

Instead, it may be appropriate to mark a company as closed. Please follow this guide on How to mark a company as 'Closed' or 'Operating.'

Can I update the company profile to reflect its closure or update its information? 

If you currently have access to the company profile, you can edit the profile to remove or update information by following this guide: How do I edit my company profile?

Set to Community Profile

If you like, we can also convert the company profile page to a community profile so that it has no manager, and you are removed from editing permissions. To request a community profile update, contact us at 

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