How do I gain access to or start a company?

How to create a User Login to access or start a company profile 

The first step to gaining access to an existing or new company is to set up a personal user profile that will act as a login to for both your user profile and access to recruiting mode for your company. A profile should reflect the login user and not represent the company. 

To set up a user profile, please click here and sign up by answering the onboarding questions. 

To set up a new company profile

Search to see if the company exists by going to and searching for the company from the top right search field. If it does, follow the guide on how 'To Access an Existing Company Profile' If not, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your user profile 

2. Go to

3. Follow the onboarding steps to set up the new company. 

To Access an Existing Company Profile

1. Search for the company page by going to and, using the top right search field, navigate to the company profile page.

2. If the company's page has a notice at the top that says,  "This is a community-generated profile. If you would likange to claim it, please contact us'  You will need to claim the profile. 

To claim the company: 

1. log in to your account

2. Go to your company's page ( link )

3. Click on the blue 'contact us' text at the top of the page to claim the page

Our team will review, and once approved; you will then have admin and recruiting rights to the page so you can make updates and recruit. We usually process these claims every few business days. 


2. If the company does exist, but you do not see this notification, you need to get permission from a current admin for the company profile. If you do not know who the admin is at the company, reach out to Our team will help pass on the information. 

3. If you know the admin, please have them follow this guide to add you as a recruiter/admin to the company profile: How do I invite my colleague to recruit for my team?

Once you have been added by a teammate or approved by Wellfound product support, you'll have rights to the page so you can make updates and recruit. You can check this by logging into your profile and going to

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