How do I change a team member's role type displayed on a company profile?

To change a role

To change a team member's role type shown on a company profile from Founder to Employee, or from Employee to Founder, etc., the team member in question needs to do this on their public User profile.

To update this, go to the 'Experience' section on your public profile 

1.  Add a new experience: select the relevant role type from the drop-down list, put your company profile slug in the search box using '@,' and press 'Add.' 2.  After that, please check that the new experience has a 'This is a current position' box checked (to see this, please click 'Edit' to the right from the new experience). 

3. Check that your new experience is correctly added click the blue 'Save' button. 

4. After, you can delete the old duplicate tag by clicking on 'Edit' to the right of the experience and then 'Delete.'

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