How can I refer a candidate and receive a referral bonus?

Candidates using Wellfound can refer new users to the platform if the referrals are hired through you'll receive a USD 200 referral bonus. 

How do I refer someone?  

1. Sign in to your account 

2. From the page, navigate to your avatar in the top right corner and click to reveal the drop-down, then choose Referrals or click here.

3. You have two options for sharing:  

  • Copy the referral link from below Personal Link and send the link to your referral directly via text, email, social, or any other digital comms you prefer.


  • Send directly by adding the referrals email under Send as Email Invite and pressing the Invite button. How does a new user register the referral code?

1. A referral properly registers with the code when signing up. 

2. The referral gets hired by a company using Wellfound 

3. Company registers the candidate as hired. 

4. We automatically send the gift card for $200 through email using an online gift card from Tremendous


How do I get paid?

You will receive an electronic gift card via Tremendous

When will I get paid for my referral once they are hired?

You will get paid around 2-3 weeks post-hire. We will notify you when your referral is hired and when you should expect to receive your reward.

How much money do I make through my referrals?

You will receive $200 for each hire made through your referral link

How will I know when my referral gets hired?

We will notify you via email when any of your referrals land a job.

Is there a place I can track my referral's status(es)?

Yes - you can track the status of all your referrals on your personal referral page within your Wellfound account. 

To access the page:

1. Sign in to your account 

2. From the page, navigate to your avatar in the top right corner and click to reveal the drop-down, then choose Referrals or click here.

Are there ways to make bonus referrals?

Yes - there are many different ways to receive bonus referrals on top of the $200 standard referral. Reach out to our team and we can see if you qualify to receive bonus referrals!

What are the terms and conditions? 

There is no limit to the number of referrals a candidate can submit.

However - a referral bonus may only be granted a maximum of 5 times.

Referral bonuses do not include reactivations or duplicate accounts. All referrals must be brand new users.

We could not provide a referral bonus if the referral user did not register properly.  

For full terms please see this link. 

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