How can I tell the difference between Curated and Active/Passive candidates in my ATS?

Right now, all candidates (Curated, Active and Passive) get sent over as “Wellfound candidates” as the source. All candidates get synced to the first stage of the relevant role. 

Note: If your team is reaching out to candidates in Curated under saved searches that are not mapped to a role in your ATS, then these candidates will show up as unattached leads or prospects. Talk to your account manager to get your role mapping set up. 

How to tell the difference between Curated and Active/Passive Quickly

Your team can use a couple of identifying details to quickly determine whether a candidate is Curated, or Active/Passive. 

In Greenhouse

This information will show ine imported by field If candidates show up as “Candidate created on behalf of Billy Bob” where Billy Bob is the person who initially connected the ATS then they are Passive or Active

    image.pngIf the candidate shows up as “Imported by Wellfound (Jane Doe)” then they are a Curated candidate. Jane Doe is the A-List recruiter who initially pitched that candidate


In Greenhouse and Lever 

In most cases, there will be a candidate note attached to the application for candidates coming from Wellfound (in the activity feed) 


In most cases, the relevant pitch message sent from the recruiter will be attached to Curated candidates. It will also say “Imported from Curated” in the activity feed.


In Ashby

For job applications and sourced candidates, you will see this in the notes section where it will say "Imported from Curated". 

The candidates will also be added to the 'Application Review' stage in Ashby.

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