How does Curated work?

Curated is Wellfound's premium recruiting tool that is an add-on on top of Wellfound Source.

Currently, Curated includes candidates in the United States, including: 

  • software engineers
  • product managers
  • data scientists
  • designers
  • sales reps 
Let us do the vetting for you with Curated
-we search through over 10M profiles on Wellfound to show you the candidates most relevant to your company
Meet top technical talent ready for a change
-get access to a unique candidate pool of top candidates during a 4 week period when they are actively interviewing for new opportunities
Turn 8 hours of sourcing into 20 minutes
-let our sourcers handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your company

How does Curated Work:

1. Every day, Wellfound algorithms discover the best candidates based on their work experience, location, education, and readiness to look for new jobs (as a few examples of the qualifiers we look for).

2. The Wellfound team then hand-selects the best of the best candidates and invites them to be featured on the Curated tab. We send you an email (every Tuesday and Thursday) featuring 300+ new Curated candidates who opted in that week.

3. When you see candidates who are a good fit, send them a message through the platform. Within one week, you'll know if they are interested in interviewing or learning more about the role.

4. After an introduction is made on Wellfound Source, it's up to you to work your magic! 

Learn more about Curated here.

Get started here.

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