How did my jobs get posted on Wellfound?

To help candidates find a job and startup they love, one of our goals is to provide job seekers with the latest and most relevant jobs related to their search. Wellfound aggregates jobs from the internet like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google for Jobs. The job is pulled directly from your careers page, and candidates that apply will go directly to your ATS. If you remove your job from your career page, it will be unpublished on Wellfound.

If there are jobs listed on Wellfound that you feel should be removed, you may remove them by visiting your Recruiter Dashboard. Please note that you need admin access for your company profile to unpublish a role. If your profile is a community-generated profile, you may request to claim it using the link provided so we can give you those permissions.

Interested in listing more of your jobs and improving distribution? Read more about Wellfound and our hiring solutions for startups.

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