How do I add custom questions from Greenhouse ATS?

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile.

2. In recruiter mode, go to the gear icon in the top right corner and press on ATS Integrations – Or click here.

3. To set up the integration,  you must be a Greenhouse admin AND have the "Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials" developer permission, which allows you to generate an API key. If you are a site admin, follow the setup instructions below. 

If you do not have this yet, check the current admins by pressing 'here' in blue, and then write the team member's name in our search bar to send them instructions for them to provide you with permissions. 

4. Sign in to your Greenhouse account, and go to this link. Copy the text to the right of the heading Board Token on the page. 

5. Enter your Board Token here:

6. While still signed into Greenhouse, go to this link to retrieve your Job Board API Key* 

On the page click, "Create New API Key" and select "Job Board" under API type. We recommend naming the API key "Wellfound"

7. Enter the Job Board API Key here: 

8. Press Submit button when complete to finalize the connection. 

Custom questions will not show on the job post editing page but will show to candidates who are applying. When they apply and fill out the questions, the answers will show in Greenhouse. 

The applicant's answers to the custom questions will show in Greenhouse when reviewing their details. 

Here is an example:  -–

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