Where did this company profile come from?

If you see a company profile but do not remember setting it up, it may have been created by a current or former employee. You can reach out to talent@wellfound.com to get information on how to access the profile for updates. Please remember to send us the URL of the company profile at www.wellfound.com and the email you are using to login to your Wellfound profile. 

You can also ask people at your company if they set up the account and have permission. If so, they can provide you with permissions by following this guide: How do I invite a team member to recruit for my team?

Community Generated Profile

If your company profile is a community profile, your employees, board members, or advisors added the company to their individual profiles. Adding the item to a profile automatically generates one to represent your company. In this case, no one has edit rights to your profile unless you decide to claim it.

To claim the company: 

1. Log in to your account

2. Go to your company's page in www.wellfound.com

3. Click on the blue 'contact us' text at the top of the page to claim the page

Our team will review, and once approved, you will have admin and recruiting rights to the page so you can make updates and recruit. You should receive a response in a few business days. 

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