How do I ensure my job posting will be approved?

We take quality assurance seriously to ensure our recruiters and candidates have the best experience. 

It’s important that your job post, company, and recruiter/admin information follow our guidelines

Once you have reposted a job, we’ll review it. If the job posting and company profile are not sufficiently filled, we’ll notify you. 

Common reasons your Job Post may be moderated 

Your user profile is missing information

  • The recruiter user profile does not show a provable relationship to the company profile. 
  • The easiest company proof is a verified company email on your account. Follow this guide on updating your email. 
  • The profile must include an image, a proper name, and social media links. Follow this guide on updating your profile. 

Your company profile is missing information

Your job posting is missing information

  • A job description needs to be thorough and clear. Please add relevant skills, roles, and locations. Here’s a guide on posting a job. 

Your job posting salary is not transparent or accurate

  • Job post settings must accurately reflect the compensation available. 
  • If you cannot currently offer a salary because you are waiting for funding, or if you are commission only, you must remove the salary from the job listing. The job description can be used to explain specific job terms.
  • Follow this guide on updating your salary or equity. In addition, you may use a promoted job to show in search and not include a salary. Here’s a guide on how to promote a job. 

If you have any questions, please contact

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