FAQ - Lever integrations to migrate to OAuth

How do I know if my integration is affected?

Wellfound will reach out (frequently) to the affect clients.

Why do I need to reconnect my Lever integration?

Your Lever integration is not syncing candidate data.

What data is affected?

Candidate data is not synced between Lever and Wellfound.

Job Listings are NOT affected.

What will happen if I don't reconnect by end of September?

Both your job listings and candidates will stop syncing between Lever and Wellfound.

How can I reconnect my Lever integration?

You need to take two steps:

  1. disconnect your integration as described in How do I disconnect my ATS?
  2. connect your integration as described in How do I connect Lever?

Why does it need admin access?

Connecting to a Lever application requires admin access. Wellfound will only be granted access to the resources it needs, it won't have full access to your account.

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