How do I 'Accept' an applicant?

Accepting an applicant will change the applicant's status to Matched and starts the screening process with an applicant. To learn more about matching with an applicant, please review this guide: What does Matched mean?

There are two ways to accept an applicant. You can either bulk accept or accept from the candidate card.

To Accept an Applicant from the applicant card

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile.  

2. In recruiter mode, go to Applicants from the top toolbar or click here. 

3. Search on the left-hand panel for the role you want to manage. Once you find the job posting, click on it to bring up the applicants on the right-hand side. 

4. Click anywhere on the candidate card to view their full details. You can also use the left and right arrow hotkeys to flip through your candidates from this window.

5. To open the page to accept an applicant, click the 'Accept' button in the bottom left corner or use the hotkey 'A'.

  1. Fill out the message to the applicant. To change the template, press 'Change template in the top right corner' to choose a different one or manage your templates.

  1. Add your availability link below 'Provide your availability'
  2. When ready to accept, scroll to the bottom of the card and press 'Accept application and send message.'

To bulk accept a candidate, please follow this guide here.

Please note: Accept and reject templates are only available on Essentials and Recruit Pro plans. To upgrade to Essentials, click here, and to upgrade to Recruit Pro click here.

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