How do I pair a job and manage job pairings for our ATS?

If you have existing jobs posted on your AngelList account before syncing your ATS, you will be prompted to Pair Your Existing Jobs before you can continue adding new ones.

What does "pair a job" mean? and why it is important 

Pairing a job will allow candidates who apply to that role to show up under the corresponding role in your ATS. Because many teams have jobs manually posted with existing applicants in their queue, it is essential to associate these existing jobs with their matching roles in their ATS.

How do I pair a job?

After you have synced your ATS, it will prompt you to sync your existing roles on the ATS setting page. 

Once you enter the sync page, you will see a list of roles to sync on the left-hand side. To pair this listing, select the matching role in the drop-down on the right-hand side. This drop-down will show a list of your live, public ATS listings.


What does it mean if some jobs were already successfully paired?

If we find an absolute match between your existing Wellfound role and a matching role in your ATS, we will take care of some of the heavy lifting by auto-pairing them for you. You will get the success message below. You can click the drop-down to see which listings have been associated with their matching ones in your ATS.


What if I have two of the same manually posted jobs that I need to pair to one ATS job?

If you get into a situation where you have duplicate existing jobs on Wellfound, you will need to select one job to map to an ATS job. ATS jobs can only be mapped to one Wellfound job.(e.g., you cannot pair both of the roles below with the same Technical Recruiter role in your ATS)


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