How do I setup an ATS?

Applicant tracking systems are a helpful way to keep your team and candidates organized. At this time, Wellfound only integrates with Ashby, Greenhouse, Workable, and Lever. In addition, we provide a built-in ATS called Track that you will find in your top toolbar when signed into your recruiting dashboard. For information about Track, follow this guide: How do I use Track?

To connect your ATS

1. Sign in to your profile related to your account.

2. Go to your settings button, a gear in the top right corner.

3. Hover over to reveal the drop-down, and select ATS Integrations

4. From here, you can integrate your candidates with Greenhouse, Lever, or Workable.

Please note that for Greenhouse and Lever you will require authorization with an API key. And for Workable you can use sign-on to authenticate your connection. 

To connect to Workable, click here

To connect to Greenhouse, click here.

To connect to Lever, click here.

To connect Ashby, click here.

After you have made the connection, you will have the option to send over all applicants and candidates you match with on Source directly (Applicant Sync) or just send over the applications you match with on Source. 

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