How can I remove salary ranges on our job listings?

Our goal at Wellfound is to help job seekers make informed decisions by promoting pay transparency. However, we also understand the need to set and manage realistic pay expectations early in the hiring process. As such, employers are welcome to override or remove salary estimates on a job-by-job basis. However, in our system, jobs posted without salary ranges do not appear in candidate search results when jobseekers filter for new opportunities on Wellfound unless it is a Co-Founder role.

If you would like to keep compensation information hidden, you can upgrade a listing to a  Promoted Job to discoverable. Promoted jobs also increase the roles' overall visibility in related searches. To promote a job, please follow this guide: How do I promote a job?

To remove a salary range on a job listing: 

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile.

2. In recruiter mode, click on Jobs from the top toolbar. 

3. Find the related job you want to adjust and click on it from the left-hand toolbar. 

4. From the job listing page area, click on Edit Job above the listing. 

5. Scroll down to the Annual Salary Range area and erase the content from the salary minimum and maximum range.

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