How do I control recruiting contacts?

In our recruiting tools, we have several different options for controlling contracts. 

Primary Account Contact

The Primary Account Contact is the head administrator for the company profile. This team member will manage and receive billing, payment, and account management messages. 

We suggest setting this to the person in charge of recruiting or billing at your company. 

Note:  A Primary Account Contact cannot be removed without assigning a new Primary Account Contact first. 

To adjust this contact, please follow this guide: How do I update the Primary Contact for my team? 

Recruiting Contact

The administrator assigned as recruiting contact for your company account will receive email notifications about all recruiting updates. 

We suggest that the recruiting contact is set to the team member in charge of recruiting at your company. In addition, other recruiters and admins can sign up for specific recruiting updates individually within the editing section for job postings.

To adjust this contact, please follow this guide: How do I update the Recruiting Contact for my team?

Individual Recruiter Contact 

In addition to the overall contacts set for your account, individual recruiters/admins can sign up to be contacted for specific job listings. Additional team members can also 'subscribe' to receive updates as well. 

To adjust this, please follow this guide: How do I add a recruiting contact or subscriber to a singular job posting?

Adding a Work Email

You can add a work email to your account instead of relying on your login email. You can change this in your account settings within recruiter mode. This setting only changes your individual account, not the overall team account. 

To use work email,  follow this guide: How do I add a work email to my recruiting account?

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