How do I create a new search for sourcing candidates?

Source is only accessed with subscriptions to Recruit Pro; this includes searches for candidates. Click here to learn more about Recruit Pro and how to upgrade.

To create a new search for candidates

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile. 

2. In recruiter mode, click on Source from the top toolbar. 

3. From the top left corner, click on New Search

4. Once you start a new search, you will be directed to fill out questions to build your search. The first step is to provide a name for your new saved search so that you can return the search as you look for candidates. 

5. Once you've filled out the required questions to save a search, you can further refine it in the Source dashboard to the right of the search results. Set your filters and skill weightings for your saved searches. To do so, adjust the options on the right-hand side. 

The filters include: 

  • Keyword 
  • Role (if you do not see the related role from our list use the Keyword to search for the specific role and leave this area blank) 
  • Location  – Onsite location, relocation and remote preferences ( Please see our guide on how to search for remote candidates here
  • Skill – Programming languages, frameworks and tools
  • Experience – Years of experience and work history
  • Diversity Boost – Highlight underrepresented groups
  • Education – Degree type and education background 
  • Preferences – Ideal next opportunity and company preferencesOnce this is set, it will automatically send you email updates as long as your notifications are on. Click here for a guide on adjusting notifications. 

From the left-hand side of the Source dashboard, you can view previously saved searches and continue to create more. 

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