How do I search for remote candidates on Source?

How to adjust your remote settings when setting a Source search for candidates

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile. 

2. In recruiter mode, click on Find Talent from the top toolbar or click here.

3. While setting your search parameters, find Office Preferences from the right-hand toolbar. From here, you can specify your preferences from the drop-down. You can choose: 

  • Remote
  • Onsite or Remote
  • Onsite 

4. If you choose 'Remote' or 'Onsite or Remote', you can select other preferences to refine your search. The choices include setting: 

  • Location of remote candidates: This will open a field allowing you to enter specific location preferences. Please choose a loaded search term from our system that will show up upon entering the location. 
  • Timezone of remote candidates: This will provide a section of buttons to narrow down the time zones that work for your role. Please select all that apply. 

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