How do I use Wellfound Curated?

Wellfound Curated: Tips, Hacks, & Expectations

Your Quick Start Guide to Curated in Wellfound Source

How Wellfound Curated works

  1. We analyze intent signals to invite relevant candidates to Curated before they hit the market
  2. We vet candidates to ensure they are high caliber and ready to interview this week
  3. We showcase new candidates who are added every Tuesday and Thursday (~300 per week)
  4. Candidates have 1 week to respond to your pitch with their availability for an interview

How to use Wellfound Source successfully

CREATE YOUR SAVED SEARCH: Set your required and optional filters and skill for your saved searches so you get emailed when new candidates are a match. Add required skills to narrow your search or make skills optional to broaden your search. Experience filters are our favorite!

REVIEW CURATED CANDIDATES FIRST, THEN ACTIVE/PASSIVE: Reviewing candidates on the Curated tab first allows you to connect with top candidates who have opted-in to let us know they are ready to start interviewing this week. These candidates should be your highest priority. After you have exhausted the Curated list, head over to the Active tab, then Passive last since these candidates have not opted-in and may not be ready to interview yet

PERSONALIZE EACH PITCH: Stand out from the crowd and tell candidates why they're a fit.

LOGIN 2X/WEEK for 30 MINUTES: Message candidates right away for the best response rates. Candidates go live on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. Block of the time so you can quickly get through candidates who meet your criteria. Sort by Match % to bring relevant candidates to the top.

BE CONSISTENT AND RESPOND PROMPTLY: Reach out to 5+ candidates/week for each role to keep the top of the funnel full. Top candidates have a lot of opportunities, so prepare to respond and schedule interviews ASAP.

How to pitch your company to top engineers

✋  Introduce Yourself–Quickly: Make yourself stand out by including details like your current role and why it relates to them, what they are helping build and team size.

✅  Cover the Company & Role: Touch on what the company does, the day-to-day, expectations, and why it matters to the company. This should include the skills & experiences, but also your company's values. Try to cover these issues simultaneously: tech stack, current technical challenges, and what the company does without overwhelming them with too much detail. (Avoid cluttering by linking your company's career page but do link to the job description).

📈. Personalize–What's In It for Them: Articulate why that candidate is a great fit for your team and what sparked your interest in their profile. Touch on ownership and growth opportunities.

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