I send LinkedIn messages to top candidates all day and they don't respond. Why would top candidates on Wellfound Curated be any different?

Because of our community of 8M start-up enthusiasts that has grown organically over the years, we get clues as to when top candidates might be interested in new work opportunities based on their Wellfound activity before they even start applying. We cut out the noise by utilizing this “intent data” to find candidates who are actually open to getting pitched to.

Unlike other platforms, messages sent through Curated hold candidates responsible for responding to you within one week. And candidate profiles automatically expire after four weeks unless a candidate requests to keep their profile active.

By opting into Curated, candidates know to be respectful and cooperative with companies like yours. In fact, we have a dedicated candidate ops team that is working to make sure Curated candidates are ready to respond and interview with companies.

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