What is Wellfound Source?

Source is an advanced recruitment tool that allows you to search, qualify and hire candidates quickly. 

Source is only accessed with a subscription to Recruit Pro. Click here to learn more about Recruit Pro and how to upgrade.

Candidates use Wellfound's job board to research startups and look for jobs.  Source turns their searches and profile choices into intent signals to let you know who's looking for a new job right now. With Source, you can reach them before they reach the job market, and you'll never miss your chance. 

How does Source help you hire candidates? 

  • Source helps you find candidates uniquely qualified to meet your company's needs. Tap into Wellfound's diverse pool of 3.2M+ startup-ready candidates.
  • It allows you to find and vet qualified candidates faster and increase your hiring rate using Source's candidate signals. Our candidates let us know their ideal opportunities, tech stack, and more.
  • Source saves you time and effort with one-click scheduling that invites candidates to schedule time directly on your calendar.

How do I use Source?

Please view this guide on:  How do I use Wellfound Source?

How do I get access to top curated talent?

For access to our curated candidate list: Learn more about Curated here.

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