My promoted job didn’t merge with the ATS Synced job. What can I do?

Jobs with the same job title that are already promoted in our system sometimes will not ‘pair’ with a new ATS sync. We recommend canceling the promotion with our help in support and then re-syncing your ATS entirely to ‘pair’ the ATS job to the existing role with candidates so that they sync. We can then provide a credit for the promotion amount to reapply to the now-synced job.

Here’s a guide on pairing:

How do I pair a job and manage job pairings for our ATS?

Conversely if you have one synced job and one paired job, you will have to unpublish the promoted job that is not synced, and leave the synced job live. We can similarly apply a credit for the promotion amount to apply to the synced job.

In either case, reach out to our support by emailing

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