What is Applicant Sync and how does it work with my ATS?

What is Applicant Sync?

Applicant Sync allows you to process Wellfound job-seekers who apply to your synced jobs directly in your connected ATS. Companies report saving 4+ hours a week on recruiting tasks using this feature by reducing the need to add profiles manually and streamlining candidate communications through their ATS.

How do I check if Applicant Sync is on?

Visit the Integrations tab and look under Configure Sync to see whether you have Jobs, matches and applicants enabled

Which candidate information is sent to my ATS?

We are currently sending the following information about your candidate:

  • Full name
  • Recent title and company or bio
  • Primary role
  • Current location
  • External links (e.g. Wellfound, LinkedIn, etc)
  • The job they applied for (Applicants only)
  • Relevant notes
  • Unmasked emails
  • Resumes
  • Remote Working Preference
  • US Work Authorization (For US roles only)

How will candidates appear in my ATS?

An applicant for a specific job will appear as a candidate in the first stage of the candidate's role. Our system tags each candidate as from Wellfound. Usually, whoever initially connected the ATS, will show as the user who imported that candidate on behalf of your company.

If you sourced and matched a candidate without a specific role attached, that candidate will show as a    prospect (Greenhouse) or lead (Lever).

Candidates are synced to your ATS every 1 hour, so you may experience a delay when sourcing candidates on Wellfound Source. Updates to applicants, like changes in status, happen every 12 hours

How do I export candidates currently in my pipeline to my ATS?

If you have not yet connected your ATS:

Only old applicants will be synced when syncing an ATS with an Wellfound Talent account with existing applicants or matches. Matches will not be synced, and their screening needs to be completed within wellfound.com instead. 

New candidates, who were sourced and/or matched, will be sent to their corresponding stages. 

Click here to learn more about setting up ATS integrations. 

Click here to find out more about Matches. 

If your ATS is already connected:

1. Open an ats synced job from the left-hand column on your jobs page.

2. Click Export Candidates above the job title. 

How do I turn Applicant Sync off?

We want to give you complete control of your pipeline. Head to the Integrations tab to configure your sync and select Jobs and Matches Only to restrict candidate exports to the candidates you have matched with on Wellfound.

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