How do I connect Ashby ATS?

To connect to Ashby ATS, you need:

  •  to be Ashby Admin
  • API Access

To Connect to Ashby ATS 

1. Sign in to your profile related to your account.

2. Go to your settings button – the gear icon in the top right corner. 

3. Select ' ATS' or navigate to

4. Select 'Ashby' as your preferred ATS. 

5. Create an API Key in Ashby by navigating here.

6. Enter a name in the field in the following image and ensure Wellfound is selected as the Integration Partner. 

7. Click ' Create API Key.'

8. After generating an API Key, copy the key by clicking Copy & Close. 

9.  Paste the API key on the ATS Settings page in Step #4. 

10. Click 'Connect to Ashby' to finish the connection.

11. Important: Navigate to Jobs from the top toolbar and add a salary or equity for each ATS synced job post to prevent limited distribution. Please follow this guide: How do I add a salary or equity range for a job post?

Please see this guide to learn about limited distribution: What does it mean if my listings have "Limited Distribution"?

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