How do I add a hyperlink into our job post?

To add a hyperlink to a job post 

1. Sign in to an account connected to your company profile. 

2. In recruiter mode, click on  Jobs from the top toolbar or click here. 

3. Click  Post a Job from the top right of the left-hand column toolbar. 


Select an existing job from the left-hand column and press Edit Job from the subheaders on the right-hand side. 

4. Under Description, write the words you would like to hyperlink.

5. Highlight the words you would like to hyperlink. 

6. Press the hyperlink icon from the editing tools. 

7. Once clicked, a set of brackets will appear that look like this: (http://) Update the URL to the full website you are linking to. Make sure to include http://

8. Then press Save Changes in the top right corner. 

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