How do I recruit with Wellfound for free?

Wellfound includes many free features for recruiters. Below you will find a list of the features and related help articles.

Job Posts

Posting a job is completely free in our system, and you can process any direct applicants you receive at no additional charge.


How do I post a job?

Please note to post for free; you must include compensation with the listing. If you cannot post with a salary and/or equity, you will need to promote the job post. Click here to learn how to promote your job.

Company Profiles

Building your company profile with a list of your current job opportunities is also complimentary. It’s easy to set up, , add teammates to promote your great team, and show off your latest accolades.


How do I edit my company profile?

Track - Our in-app ATS

ATS systems are expensive, but we’ve included our in-app ATS for free. While there are some paid features, such as saved pitches/replies and instant scheduling, most features are free including:

  • Team scorecards to compare notes when screening a candidate
  • Organizing direct, sourced, and external candidates in a job flow by screening stage
  • Managing conversations and emails
  • Setting up interviews
  • Recording internal notes and reviewing candidate activity all in one place


How do I use Track?

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