How do I start recruiting?

Learn how to start recruiting with Wellfound


Set up a personal profile

Click here to sign up for Wellfound and create a profile.

Please follow this guide: How do I edit my public profile?

You will require a user profile to set up or access a company. The profile acts as your login for accessing your company profile.

In addition, a user profile should be filled out properly so that candidates know who they are speaking with at the company.

To gain access to an existing company, please follow this guide: How do I gain access or start a company profile?


Start a company profile

Please click here and follow the onboarding steps to start a new company.

Following this guide, you can always make additional changes later: How do I edit my company profile?


Add Job Posts

You can post as many jobs as you like for free when using Wellfound

Please follow this guide:How do I post a job?

We suggest promoting your jobs to increase their visibility on our platform.

Please follow this guide:How do I Promote a Job?


Source for Candidates

Sourcing candidates directly, rather than waiting for applicants, provides a bigger pool of desirable candidates. Sourcing and reaching out to a candidate offers an extra edge to procure some of the best professionals in their field.

Please follow this guide: How do I Source candidates successfully?

Add Curated

Hiring in the US, and want help recruiting by our professionals -- add Curated!

Curated is Wellfound's premium recruiting tool that is an add-on on top of Source.

Please follow this guide: How does Curated work?


Match with Candidates

Before you launch the full screening process, you must match a candidate.

To match with applicants, you need to 'Accept' their application.

Please follow this guide: How do I 'Accept' an Applicant?

To match with sourced candidates, they need to 'Accept' your request to chat. Once they do, they will show up as matched automatically and appear in Track and Conversations. For an overall guide on matches, click here,


Start the Screening Process

There are a few ways to screen.

1. Use our built-in ATS called Track.

Please follow this guide: How do I use Track?

2. Use an external ATS. This is usually chosen because your company already uses the ATS.

Please follow this guide: How do I setup an ATS?

3. Use our Conversations tool to connect with the candidate. To go to Conversations please click here.

Please note that access to Recruit Pro provides advanced screening tools. For more information, check out this guide: What is Recruit Pro? How much does it cost? How do I upgrade?

Additional screening tools:

1. Screening Calls

Please follow this guide: How do I schedule calls with candidates?

2. Scorecards

Please follow this guide: How do I view and add Scorecards in Track?

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